Review Requests for Self-Published Authors

I only accept book review requests from SELF-PUBLISHED authors. I do occasionally review a traditionally published book especially if I really liked it.

Please visit my FAQ before submitting a review request. (Scroll down for instructions). Please feel free to send an email requesting more information.

If you are a self-published author and looking for more ways to get your book reviewed, check out THE INDIE REVIEWERS LIST.

How To Request A Book Review:

I only provide book reviews for the following genres or sub-genres: paranormal romance, crime thrillers (serial killers), romance, erotica, and mystery. I do not review nonfiction, children’s, sci-fi, women’s fiction, etc. (I also don’t read or review sci-fi disguised as mysteries).You must put “Review Request and {title of your book} in the SUBJECT LINE of the email. This information must be in the subject line or the email will be deleted and not read.

In the body of the email, please include:



Length (number of words NOT number of pages)

Genre: I am ONLY reviewing paranormal romance, serial killer crime, and mysteries. I don’t read Sci Fi or mysteries with a Sci Fi twist. Let me repeat that: NO SCIFI!

Available Format for Review (I only accept mobi, epub, or pdf) NO WORD docs

Book Blurb – This is your opportunity to sell me. Why should I spend my valuable time reading this book? (HINT: If this is poorly written, I will assume your book is also).

Where would you like your review to appear: Amazon? Goodreads? I will post a copy of the review on this website and two other sites of your choosing.

Any book submission that does not include the above mentioned criteria will not be considered for review.

E-mail submission requests to

Do not send me your book UNLESS I reply to your email approving your request. You must REPLY to the approval request with your attached book. If you wish to mail a hard copy, please reply to the approval email requesting snail mail instructions.


Please visit my FAQ for information on my review criteria.