Do you also review traditionally published books?

I only take review requests from SELF-PUBLISHED books. However, I will on occasion review a book that has been traditionally published.

Do you charge for reviews?

I will never charge for a book review. I find it unethical for obvious reasons.

Why do you require a “book review request?”

The “Book Review Request” is your opportunity to convince me that your book is worth my time. What is your book about? Why should I read it? Additionally, if it is not in a genre I read, I would be unable to write an unbiased and fair review.

Are you a Kindle Unlimited subscriber?

I am an Amazon “KINDLE UNLIMITED” member. If you wish me to review your book, and it is not available in “kindle unlimited,” be prepared to provide either an epub or pdf version of your book. If you provide me with a free book, I will include a line that states, “I received a free copy of this book,” in the review.

Can I just send a copy of my book without submitting a “book review request?

No, no, no. Please do not send a copy of your book unless I agree to review it. I will delete all unsolicited and/or unapproved requests. My inbox can only hold so much.

I want to know how you review books. Do you use the same criteria for everyone?

Yes, I use the same criteria for everyone. I assume all books begin with 2.5 out of 5 stars. I add (or subtract) stars based upon plot, characters, romance, show verse tell, BACK COVER, believability, POV, number of words in the book, as well as grammar and punctuation. I have two major pet peeves: an undeveloped romance (falling in love in less than a week) and books that are sold as a full-length novel when they are really only a novella. A full-length book should be a minimum of 50,000 words ( am being really generous). Anything less is a novella and not a full-length book.

I begin reading your book assuming that it deserves 2.5 stars out of 5. Stars will then be added or subtracted based on plot, characters, romance, show verse tell, BACK COVER, believability, POV, number of words in the book, as well as grammar and punctuation.

1 star – A 1-star rating means that I dislike everything about the book. If the book is that bad, I probably didn’t finish it. I will never review a book that I haven’t finished.

2 stars – I only give 2 stars when I think there are serious issues and not enough “good” to overcome the “bad.”

3 stars – I enjoyed the book but there were one or two major issues. An interesting plot with undeveloped characters or a romance that moves too quickly (this is a major pet peeve of mine). An over-used theme or slow-moving plot might also result in only 3-stars.

4 stars – A 4-star rating is reserved for books I really like. It may have a few overused cliches or maybe a problem or two, but an original plot full of unexpected twists and turns can overcome many novice mistakes.

5 stars – There only a few self-published books I have given 5 stars. One that pops to mind is A Killer’s Mind by Mike Omer. This book is an amazing work of art and I highly recommend to anyone who loves thrillers and police procedurals. To me, 5 stars mean the best of the best. Well-written plot, no plot holes, well-developed characters, and a satisfying ending.

English is not my first language. Does that give me a pass on word mechanics/usage?

No, I do not give free passes or pad reviews to self-published authors, new authors, or authors where English is not their first language. I use the same criteria for “everyone.” No exceptions!

I don’t have time to write a grammatically correct book request. Only my book is important.

If your “Book Review Request” is poorly written I will assume your book is also a bust. If you don’t care then why should I?

Where else can I go to find reviewers for my book’s genre?

If you are a self-published author and looking for more ways to get your book reviewed, check out THE INDIE REVIEWERS LIST.

I don’t want a bad review. Will you contact me before posting a bad review?

NO! My reviews are an honest assessment and solely based upon my opinion. If you ask that I contact you prior to posting a bad review, I will decline your request for a review and may review anyway based on principal. If you are concerned about a bad review, then you already know that your book has issues. Concentrate on fixing them instead of begging for review points.

How To Request A Book Review:

I only provide book reviews for the following genres or sub-genres: paranormal romance, crime thrillers (serial killers), romance, erotica, and mystery. I do not review nonfiction, childrens, sci-fi, women’s fiction, etc.

  1. You must put “Review Request and {title of your book} in the SUBJECT LINE of the email. This information must be in the subject line or the email will be deleted and not read.
  2. In the body of the email, please include:
    1. Title
    2. Author
    3. Length (number of words NOT number of pages)
    4. Genre: I am ONLY reviewing paranormal romance, serial killer crime, and mysteries. I don’t read Sci Fi or mysteries with a Sci Fi twist. Let me repeat that: NO SCIFI!
    5. Available Format for Review (I only accept mobi, epub, or pdf) NO WORD docs
    6. Book Blurb – This is your opportunity to sell me. Why should I spend my valuable time reading this book? (HINT: If this is poorly written, I will assume your book is also).
    7. Where would you like your review to appear: Amazon? Goodreads? I will post a copy of the review on this website and two other sites of your choosing.

Any book submission that does not include the above mentioned criteria will not be considered for review.

E-mail submissions to emilywilkesbentley@gmail.com or use my contact form.