Characters You Hate to Love

I am currently taking a writing class entitled, "Characters," by Gotham Writers. Their classes are expensive so I have high hopes for this class. Anyway, one of our assignments is to write about a character that draws us in whether or not we like them. I spend a considerable amount of time reading. Those of … Continue reading Characters You Hate to Love

Homemade Book Covers

As I browse Amazon’s kindle store, my subconscious sifts through all of the unappealing book covers and stops only on those that present eye-catching covers. Why is that? Well, because readers really do judge a book by its cover, and I am no exception. There are thousands of self-published books in any given genre. To … Continue reading Homemade Book Covers

The Back Cover and Why It’s So Important

So, You’ve Finally Finish Your Book. Now What? Many self-published authors spend months writing, obsessing over, and finally completing their book only to overlook the importance of a professional and polished back cover. As a voracious reader of self-published books, I spend several hours a week on Amazon scanning the back covers of newly released … Continue reading The Back Cover and Why It’s So Important